Coronavirus in New York City

Since March 2020, THE CITY has been tracking COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and fatalities in New York City. For the latest, follow THE CITY's coronavirus coverage.

3,059,317 NYC confirmed cases
44,583 NYC deaths
90.2% Share of NYC residents vaccinated

Cases and Tests

The charts below show the number of tests performed at testing sites in New York City, as well as the positive test rate. A high positive test rate can indicate widespread prevalence of the virus or insufficient testing, depending on case and testing rates.

Cases and tests by day in NYC

  • Cases
  • Tests

Share of NYC tests with positive results

  • Positive rate

Daily tests per 1,000 people in NYC

Daily cases per 100,000 people in NYC


COVID-19 hospitalizations show the caseload faced by hospitals and indicate the number of serious cases of COVID, independent of test rates.

Some people hospitalized with COVID were initially admitted for other reasons. Starting in January 2022, New York began reporting the number of people admitted due to COVID or complications of COVID, shown as "admitted for COVID" below.

Patients currently hospitalized with COVID in NYC

  • ICU
  • Total hospitalized

Patients hospitalized with COVID in NYC admitted for COVID

  • Admitted for COVID
  • Admitted for other


The following chart shows the number of confirmed and probable deaths from COVID-19 in New York City by date of death.

New deaths in NYC by date of death

  • Confirmed and probable deaths
  • Incomplete
Collage of photos of people who have died from COVID-19

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Read the stories of some who died from the coronavirus — and help THE CITY tell the stories of thousands more.

Totals by Region

Below are cumulative counts of cases and deaths by borough, and cases, deaths, vaccinations and tests for New York City, New York State, and the United States.

Borough cases Cases Deaths
Brooklyn +457 903,447 14,088
Queens +372 857,303 13,254
Manhattan +270 582,056 6,103
The Bronx +318 507,226 8,469
Staten Island +105 209,285 2,669
Cases Deaths Vaccinated Tests
New York City 3,059,317 44,583 7,521,308 62,399,160
New York State 6,699,587 76,255 18,346,419 380,039,883
United States 102,273,273 1,107,602 268,927,705 1,016,103,530


The numbers belows show how many New York City residents have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, the number of residents fully vaccinated, and the number of booster shots administered to residents. New York City's population was 8,336,817 as of 2019, the year city health officials use for their measurements.

7,521,308 NYC residents vaccinated with at least one dose
6,733,046 NYC residents fully vaccinated
3,614,309 booster shots given to NYC residents

Cases by vaccination status

7-day averages as of

Cases of COVID-19 per 100k vaccinated people 20.6
Cases of COVID-19 per 100k unvaccinated people 133.9

Hospitalizations by vaccination status

7-day averages as of

Hospitalizations per 100k vaccinated people 1.3
Hospitalizations per 100k unvaccinated people 6.4

Case Rate by ZIP Code

The following map and table show the number of test-diagnosed cases over the past seven days per every 100,000 residents in each ZIP code.

Developed by Will Welch, data reporting by Ann Choi, Josefa Velasquez, Yoav Gonen and Suhail Bhat, edited by Alyssa Katz.