Coronavirus in New York City

Tracking the spread of the pandemic

THE CITY is tracking the spread of confirmed COVID-19 infections and fatalities in New York City, based on information provided by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the governor’s office, The COVID Tracking Project and the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. See all coronavirus coverage from THE CITY here.

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160,130 NYC tested
80,204 NYC confirmed cases
4,260 NYC deaths
Borough April 8 cases Total cases Total deaths
Queens +1,395 26,204 1,344
Brooklyn +1,345 21,580 1,185
The Bronx +1,478 16,419 1,001
Manhattan +608 10,862 500
Staten Island +777 5,102 229

NYC count: , NYC tests:

New York State 365,153 tested 151,069 cases 6,268 deaths
United States 2,189,766 tested 431,838 cases 14,768 deaths

NYS tests: , NYS count:
US tests: , US count:

Positive tests for COVID-19 per 1,000 residents by ZIP code as of April 8.

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The Bronx




Staten Island

Change over time

The number of confirmed cases reported every day has increased as the virus spreads and New York ramps up its testing capabilities.

New cases and tests in NYC by day

  • New cases
  • New tests

Note: Current data will be incomplete until the following day and new cases may lag new tests. Testing data unavailable prior to March 17.

NYC count: , NYC tests:

Sources: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and NYS coronavirus briefings

Cumulative confirmed cases in NYC

  • Cases

NYC count:

Source: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Who is getting sick

While both young and old people are getting the virus, fatalities have been higher among older patients.

Age group Total cases Ever hospitalized Total deaths
0 to 17 1,523 159 3
18 to 44 30,877 3,338 210
45 to 64 28,700 7,708 1,020
65 to 74 10,219 4,473 1,064
75 and older 8,713 4,796 1,952

NYC count:

Hospital capacity

THE CITY is also tracking current New York City hospitalizations related to coronavirus, including the number of patients in intensive care units. City health officials have declined to disclose how many of the ICU beds in the city’s hospitals are occupied by non-coronavirus patients and therefore unavailable for use.

On Tuesday, April 7, New York City had a total of 23,462 hospital beds and 3,676 ICU beds.

The state projects it will need 140,000 hospital beds and 40,000 ICU beds to handle anticipated COVID-19 patients.

NYC coronavirus hospitalizations

  • ICU hospitalizations
  • Total hospitalizations

NYC count:

Sources: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene