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Answer the following four questions on building the city to see which candidates for mayor most closely match the future you want to see for New York City.

Broadband Internet

City Hall has put out the call for companies to propose ways to bring low-cost, high-speed internet to New Yorkers most likely to lack access. Other ideas are also in play.

Question 1 of 4

What route should NYC’s mayor take to expand access to broadband internet at home?

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Accessible Subways

Just one in four subway stations is accessible to someone using a wheelchair. The MTA and city planners want to encourage real estate developers to add more elevators to the system.

Question 2 of 4

Should real estate developers be allowed to construct bigger buildings if they pay for elevator installation at nearby subway stations without access?

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Development Review

The Uniform Land Use Review Procedure requires approvals from multiple officials and bodies for changes to permitted development on a property or across a neighborhood. Some are calling for additional public scrutiny of projects.

Question 3 of 4

Should new real estate development require approvals beyond those that currently exist under the city land use review process?

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Sidewalk Sheds

Dank, shadow-casting sidewalk sheds are widely disliked but provide public safety protection during building facade work and construction.

Question 4 of 4

Which of the following should NYC’s next mayor do first about sidewalk sheds attached to buildings?

Candidates who agree with you

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  • June 15, 2021: Added quote for Ray McGuire on sidewalk sheds. Added quotes for Curtis Sliwa on accessible subways, broadband internet and development review.
  • June 8, 2021: Added answers for Ray McGuire on sidewalk sheds and development review.
  • June 2, 2021: Added a position for Ray McGuire on broadband internet. Added quotes on broadband internet for Shaun Donovan, Dianne Morales and Andrew Yang.

Reporting by Ann Choi and Mónica Cordero, development by Will Welch, editing by Alyssa Katz. Candidate images from Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY, Alejandro Durán/THE CITY, Shutterstock and campaign websites.