Joycelyn Taylor
Courtesy of the Joycelyn Taylor for Mayor 2021 campaign

Taylor, a businesswoman who grew up in public housing in East New York, Brooklyn, wants to expand affordable housing for rental and ownership. She proposes turning empty office buildings and vacant real estate into housing for the homeless.

She also hopes to cut more than $1 billion from the NYPD budget and return to policing levels of 2014, when crime rates in the city were far below the early 1990s peak.

Her education plan includes raising teachers’ salaries and providing “equitable investment across the board for schools.”

“I am running because much like the average New Yorker that lives in this city, I’M TIRED!” Taylor says on her campaign website. “I am tired of us having the same conversations over and over again and not seeing any changes.”



THE CITY sent three multiple-choice surveys to every Democratic and Republican mayoral candidate on the ballot for the June 22 primary, starting in February. See how Joycelyn Taylor answered below.

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