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Answer the following four questions on transportation to see which candidates for mayor most closely match the future you want to see for New York City.

Congestion Pricing

In 2019, the state Legislature voted to charge vehicles a special toll to enter Manhattan south of 59th Street — with specific rates and other details to be determined later by an appointed board. New York has since been waiting for federal approval. Once congestion pricing is in place, funds will funnel to the state-run MTA to support mass transit — rankling some who seek city control over its streets.

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Should New York proceed as soon as possible with congestion pricing, charging vehicles to enter central Manhattan?

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City MTA Takeover

While the mayor appoints a few board members and the city owns the tunnels and tracks underground, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which controls the city’s subways and buses (and more), is ultimately controlled by the state. Some local politicians have called on the city to take charge of its transit destiny.

Question 2 of 4

Should New York City gain control of its subway and bus systems?

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NYC Ferry

NYC’s current mayor introduced all-borough commuter ferry service with a $2.75 fare per ride, in line with city buses and subways. With five routes in place and two more set to arrive this year, the city is spending substantial sums to keep the system afloat.

Question 3 of 4

What course will you chart for the city-funded NYC Ferry system?

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Bike Lanes

The city’s 1,300-plus mile network of bike lanes has been steadily growing. Yet many lanes remain unprotected from motor vehicle traffic. Meanwhile, expansion has failed to penetrate some areas, especially where local opposition is loud.

Question 4 of 4

Choose the statement that best describes your position on bike lanes:

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  • June 15, 2021: Added quotes for Joycelyn Taylor on congestion pricing, city MTA takeover, NYC ferry and bike lanes. Added quote for Ray McGuire on congestion pricing. Updated quotes for Maya Wiley, Kathryn Garcia, Scott Stringer, Eric Adams and Andrew Yang on congestion pricing.
  • June 8, 2021: Added answers for Ray McGuire on NYC ferry and congestion pricing.
  • May 9, 2021: Added Art Chang, Aaron Foldenauer, Paperboy Prince, Joycelyn Taylor and Isaac Wright Jr.

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