A Brooklyn resident drops off an absentee ballot at the Barclays Center on the first day of early voting, Oct. 24, 2020.

NYC’s June 22 primary election is a big one. THE CITY is here to help.

From picking the next mayor to filling 51 City Council seats, voters’ choices will shape the city’s pandemic recovery. Our election guide is here to make your decisions easier, with details on the candidates’ positions, how to use the new ranked-choice voting system and more.

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Meet Your Mayor

Answer questions on the big issues facing NYC and find out which candidates agree with you most.

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The Candidates

Learn more about the mayoral contenders and where they stand on the issues.

THE CITY Explains

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    Who's Running

    What exactly are the jobs that candidates are hoping to win? Learn more about what some of New York City’s most important elected officials do (or at least are supposed to do) and who’s competing to win the seats. Guía Para Votantes en Español.

    Key Dates & Details

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      City Council Elections

      Find the City Council candidates running to represent your neighborhood — and learn more about them by clicking on any district number on this map.